How do you revive a 20-year old logo, with a niche following, that seems to have gotten it right the first time? First, we had to step back from our emotional connection to the Spliffie logo and look at it with contemporary eyes. The old logo used a custom hand-written font circling a headshot of the brand’s iconic character. We chose a font that combines the charm of handwriting with the line strength of more ‘structured’ lettering. We took out a few elements that weren’t needed and made the character’s lines bolder. We also adjusted the colour palette, darkening the traditional red, gold and green just a shade to give it a touch of maturity. The result is a brand that feels less like a cartoon and more like one that has something to say. Speaking of messaging, we’ve also been working on their new t-shirt designs, so stay tuned for more!

Client: Spliffie Designs